What is Adopt A Station?

There are well over 550 individual subway stations connected between 23 lines within the Seoul metro system alone. Each station has it's own vibe and spiritual dynamic. Some stations are a gateway to shopping or financial districts, while others lead to nature and family neighborhoods. Regardless of location, each station has thousands of people traveling through it each day. Each person with their set tasks or goals for the day. Maybe they are visiting a sick family in the hospital, maybe they are heading to or from work, maybe they are traveling from another country. No matter their reason for traveling through the subway on any given day, people go in and out without any second thought as to what is going on around them spiritually.  This is where Adopt a station (AAS for short) comes in.

Prayer is our most powerful tool and weapon in the seemingly invisible battle we are in. Prayer has no geographic or timezone limit. At any given time a person can pray and impact another part of the world, wither a town over or an ocean away, prayer has NO LIMIT or requirement to be able to create change in our world.  Testimony after testimony, both in the bible and throughout world history has proven the power of prayer. So it's no coincidence that one of the biggest lies the enemy tries to get us to believe is that that our prayers don't matter or that they will not work. No wonder that when we go to pray for someone or something, that we are often distracted or don't know how to pray. While AAS can't help you in all areas of your prayer life, it can and will help you narrow down how to pray for the nation of Korea.

The goal and purpose of AAS, is to pinpoint each and every subway station and it's immediate surrounding neighborhood spiritual need or stronghold, and how to pray over that station and break the strongholds or sin presence. A stronghold is a negative spiritual presences or sin that seemingly controls an area, person or people group. While not all things listed for a station may be a stronghold such as an area that has a lot of elderly or college age people, there will be listed the ways to pray for that station.  For instance, Hongdae station is a college area and so listed for that station will be some details about the area, such as popular tourist area and many young adults and street performers. None of those things are strongholds and are simply the sub-cultures and dynamics of that area.  A station description will also highlight if there is a major landmark or other well-known thing about that area. You will be able to search by either station, dynamic or sin stronghold. AAS is going to take A LOT time and manpower to be put together and completed, so please be patient as it changes and grows over the coming months and years.