Hongdae Hope Groups will be held every Monday night at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cafe located above the Playground clothing shop in Hongdae.

‍‍‍Meetings will start at 7:30pm & finish between 9 & 9:30pm

The goal of each Hope group meeting is to provide a safe place for people to come and share their hurts, habits and hang-ups, in order to start the growing and healing process.

We strongly encourage all members to work through the Back To Basics material with an accountability partner.

Although 3 Seconds Of Hope is a Christ centered organization, each Hope group is unique in its member attendance and all are welcome, regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.  ‍‍‍

~*All meetings are confidential and no member attendan‍‍‍ce or‍‍‍ information  given in the groups will be share with any outside members.*~