3 Seconds of Hope‍‍‍

February/March  2018

So many things have happened over the last two months, that February flow by & before I knew ‍‍‍it March was over as well.  Apologizes for those whom have been patiently waiting for updates, I will do my best to be more on top of getting out information to you all.‍‍‍

It's slowly starting to warm up & we have been able to enjoy the outdoors a bit more!‍‍ We took a birthday hike with the family we are currently staying with & it's been nice to stroll around outside without fear of frostbite or freezing temperatures!

Anne & I arrived back in Korea on Feb 3rd to 20 degree temperature, it was cold & windy, but we were happy to be back "home"!  Since we did not yet have a new home of our own, we've been very blessed to be able to stay, short ter‍‍‍m with a couple different families within out church family here. Not going to lie, Anne & I are a bit tired of living out of our suitcases, but we are grateful & thankful to be able to be spending so much time in fellowship and community with our church body!  

Mid February Anne & I felt God leading us to pray for an apartment complex near her school & after sometime in prayer, we feel God is telling us this is going to be our new home. It seems out of reach because of the key money (deposit) ‍‍‍, but nonetheless we are moving forward in faith that this is where God wants us to be. We know it's going to truly take an act & miracle of God for us to get this place, but I've felt completely at peace since accepting that God's hand is over this & that he is more than able to provide what is needed! So watch & pray with us as God does some mighty work & restores Hope in many through this event!

March 5th Anne celebrated her 11th birthday, complete with friends, cake, silly songs & even a package from back home!

Plans for 3SOH in 2018

  • Establish 3SOH as a non-profit.
  • Continue building ministry team i‍‍‍n Korea.
  • Get website & update letters translated into Korean


Anne Started her spring semester at VCA on February 6th & was happy to be back in the school routine, (this is something that her & I differ in greatly, she likes routine & structure, where as I prefer no schedule and freedom) I am still helping with school lunches & a couple other school activities. I am not a teacher, so the kids tend to come & talk with me about random topics, which is fun :) I enjoy being an adult in their lives that they feel comfortable & open with! I pray & hope that many of the relationships that are being built with these kids now, will carry on well into adulthood! Also in‍‍‍ July we've been asked to join the school summer missions trip to the Philippians. The cost will be $1,600 total for both Anne & I, which covers airfare, lodging & food.  If you would like to send support towards that, please see the "Click here to give" button at the bottom of this update page.

‍‍‍March 12th, Hongdae Hope groups were officially started! The original plan was to get this meeting started in February, but life happens & things don't always go according to plan. So far the group has been small with only 3 of us each week, but I know that we will grow & it's better to start small and grow, then to have a large crowd & burn out. If you would like to know more about the Hope Groups, please click here.

‍‍‍3 ways to support the ministry

Prayers and encouragement

Over the last 2 years since we've been here, people reaching out & sending encouragement have been great motivation to me going ‍‍‍on the days I really needed it…S‍‍‍o keep it up!


If you are in Korea or plan on visiting there are always ‍‍‍things to be done. Please email me at 3SecondsOfHope@gmail.com if you are interested in ways to serve


Periodic & monthly support covers basic living expenses & growth of the ministry. For detailed information on our financial breakdown please CLICK HERE.

Support can be sent via paypal by clicking the below "Click Here To Give" Button or Korean account (KB Kookmin Bank account #477001-04-113844).

There are many things coming over the next couple months & I can't wait to share things with you as they happen!  God has so much in store for not only 3SOH, but Korea as well!  Thank you for your continued p‍‍‍rayers & financial support, we are truly grateful!  Feel free to contact me at any time, not only for ministry purposes, but if you or someone you know is struggling with depression or mental health issues.

With love from Korea!    

Sarah Lynn and Anne Shirley Sovilla